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G22 Green In Regulation

"The Game Everyone is Talking About"

An Easy Way to Pump Revenue Into Your ProShop

Foursomes $1,000

Threesomes $450

Twosomes $200

Every day we're on your course, players have a chance to win gift cards to your pro shop if they can hold the green.

Pro Shop.jpg

Hero 40 Tournaments 

We'll bring 40 local heroes and pay for them to play with lunch at your golf course twice a year.

Increased tournament revenue and outstanding local community outreach.


Help a Great Cause With No Risk

No Commitment 

Covid Safe Protocols

Golfers Have Fun

Golfers Win

Our Heroes Win

Golf Course Wins

Increased Traffic

Increased ProShop Revenue

Increased Tournament Revenue

Fringe 2.jpg

G22 Green-in Regulation-Hero


Find Out if Your Course is Participating

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