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Acts Ministry Road Map

Golf Program

Act 1 - Prove the methodology works on a micro-scale. (Complete)

Act 2- Produce a fundraising infrastructure that financially supports a national expansion of the methodology. (Current stage)

Act 3 - National expansion of mentor groups including career opportunities with salaries and benefits for our heroes. 

Worldwide Discipleship 

Act 1 - Build a platform that supports the Great Commission in creating disciples and training leaders to mentor others with similar real-life experiences

(Tested and completed - under reconstruction)

Act 2 - Train, certify and employ thousands of Christians to operate discipleship ministries with salaries and benefits nationwide.

Act 3 - Expand discipleship model worldwide employing trained and passionate ministry leadership of Biliblical proportion.


Act 1 - Bring communities together in unity

Act 2 - A national expansion of ministers serving our communities by sharing and showing the truth of Christianity


Act 3 - A worldwide expansion of employing trained and passionate ministry leadership in conjunction with the Acts Discipleship Ministry  

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