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Acts Mentoring Ministry 


For over a decade the Acts organization has been successfully treating hundreds of clients that struggle with almost every human challenge.  The Acts methodology incorporates the Biblical teachings for complete human psychological, spiritual, and real-life experience application that brings incredible purpose for the most difficult human trials. The most important element is the training to mentor others as a Certified Lay-Counselor with a lifetime and life-changing commitment for the critical element of a salary, benefits, and great rewards for serving as a discipleship minister and mentor. 


The Acts mentoring program will provide you with a great purpose for your trials.  We are healed when we serve others with similar trials as it gives us purpose in our own "necessary" suffering. Mentoring will become a lifestyle developing great relationships and enjoying a professional career with on-the-job training and consistent advancement and promotions.

All who have suffered are many times more equipped to handle such trials because of their "real-life experience" understanding. This is what heals and motivates us when we serve others with similar trials.  Acts will appoint other Mentors and Professional Counselors for you to connect with and share your own experiences on your Acts private personal mentoring page found here on the "Legacy Group Mentoring Feed."  There is no formal education or experience necessary to become a certified discipleship mentor. Come as you are.

Acts will work alongside traditional therapy or psychiatric care.  We are a contemporary training and mentoring method that replicates an ancient mentoring theology.  We will help you activate your gifted abilities and train you to evaluate and mentor others with the support of a professional counselor.  You may also then receive a salary and expense account for your new career as a Certified Military and First Responder PTSD Mentor. 

Christian Snyder Testimony - God's calling for Acts Ministry

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