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A. Christian Snyder, III PHD-IP, MDIV

Founder, Acts Ministry Inc (non-profit)

Founder, Acts 

Founder, Good Samaritan News

Founder, The Hero Days Golf Ministry

Christian holds a Masters Degree in Divinity;

Masters Degree in Pastoral Counseling - Summa Cum Laude,

Liberty University Theological Seminary; completed a Masters in Christian Leadership, a Ph.D. in Pastoral Counseling pending matriculation earning a Ph.D. in Ministry Counseling, Northwestern University and Theological Seminary, scholastic dissertation (The Christian Solution to PTSD);

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Northern Arizona University, and holds a Masters Certification in Global Missions and a Masters Certification in Social Media from Liberty University. "Dr C" is not a medical doctor or licensed in any state. Acts is a lay counseling ministry protected by the constitutional separation of church and state. "Dr C" is a Charter President of Rotary International, has been a dedicated philanthropist throughout his professional career.


"Acts had been a calling for many years; but like so many of us that get caught up in the challenges of life only to miss the whole purpose of life.  The secret for any person to feel complete is to serve others.  The change from a focus on self to a trained and practice of serving and mentoring others is a powerful awakening and healing for our heroes with post-traumatic stress and virtually any other human condition.

When we replace those painful memory triggers with hope and purpose we bring the healing for our Heroes who suffer from PTSD.  We can teach any Christian PTSD client to become a mentor or lay counselor and bring great purpose for the trauma that would otherwise destroy these great Heroes. The qualification for mentoring anyone with PTSD is when the mentor is also experienced with their own PTSD. My own PTSD experience came 20 years ago from being falsely prosecuted and some bloody battles defending my faith and stopping a gang murder hit on a fellow inmate who was a high profile ex-Olympic runner (see the full story published here on the About page).

The Acts methodology is a long lost ancient New Testament teaching that psychology, religion, medicine, and science has largely missed.  To become completely healed from past trauma, one must become complete.  We must address both the physiological and spiritual components of humanity.  When we deny that our DNA is embedded with a soul that needs to serve, then we become just another self-centered creature. We can become introverted and even narcissistic.  In our own pain, we become useless towards caring about others and we simply cannot feel purpose without serving others. My PTSD clients actually heal me." 


Casey Fairbairn-Snyder

Executive Secretary 

Acts Ministry Board Member

Minister of CRPS Discipleship

Administration Executive

"As a research scientist for many years it was rewarding work, yet Acts has given us all greater purpose and with a hope for complete healing to everyone that joins our programs. Welcome, and we are here for you," Casey

Cory Andrews 

Executive Vice President

Acts Ministry Board Member

Cory has not only brought us a wealth of experience in organizational development but he has also made great contributions to our cause. Cory brings several years of executive management experience developing and leading teams. 


Hamilton "Eddie" Drozd

Executive Director -

National Fundraising and Golf Promotions Director, Eddie is a successful business owner and developer.  Has made great contributions to our cause and has proven successful as a National Director.

Eddie is a very gifted leader and the recipient of our Fruit of The Spirit Award 


William "Chip" Ball, MBA

V.P. - Administration

Acts Ministry Board Member

Chip has been a Board Member of the original Acts Church and brings many years of experience in managerial accounting, church planting, ministry leadership, and successful mentoring.

Ken Rustrum

Administration - IT 

Acts Ministry Board Member

Software Developer and founder of Vituramis software consulting firm. 

Ken has prepared the Acts Ministry to go beyond what was first imagined with the proper foresight and planning. Has been with the Acts team for several years. 

Ken Rustrum.jpg

Shayn Mitchell - Media Development

Shayn Mitchell enlisted in the Army’s Delayed entry program at the age of 16 (1996).  At 17 (1997) he was in Bootcamp and at 18 (1998) was stationed in Germany with the 1st Armored Division.  Attached in support of a ranger battalion, he found himself deployed in support of NATO operations in the Balkans in 1998, 1999 and 2000.  As an electronics technician, he kept our countries sensitive equipment operation both in the rear and on the front line.  Shayn suffers from service-connected PTSD and has embodied the mission of PTSD Heroes to help save the 22 - to help ensure that another battle buddy doesn’t lose the fight within.


Professional Legal Firm

The Church Lawyers 

Steven D. Goodspeed, Esq.

Steven Goodspeed, a Shareholder in the firm, has practiced law for seventeen years, and is licensed in Texas and Oklahoma. He regularly represents clients nationwide in the area of nonprofit and for-profit transactional law, focusing primarily on churches, religious organizations, camps, outdoor recreational organizations, colleges and universities.

Mr. Goodspeed was selected by his peers in Fort Worth, Texas Magazine, as a 2012-2017 and 2019 Top Attorney in the area of Religious/Nonprofit Law and was selected by 360West Magazine as a 2017 Top Attorney.


Ministry Accounting Firm

501 C (3) Administration

& Non-Profit Consulting 

The Consulting Firm & Management Team

Acts Organization has retained this top IRS regulations and financial firm for over 7 years utilizing their 25 years of experience managing hundreds of 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations. 

Acts has maintained a perfect state of compliance with zero complaints since 2014. Please feel free to reach out to us for any questions or concerns.
Be confident that your donations and support will help save lives and is fully tax-deductible in accordance with all IRS 501 C (3) regulations.

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Certificate of Status
Articles of Incorporatoin
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