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           The Acts PTSD Methodology

Administration of PTSD pastoral counseling/mentoring

Q & A's

Who qualifies for our free service?

All Military Veterans and Active Duty and First Responders experiencing suicide ideation and their families are covered at zero cost.  

Why do they commit suicide?

There are many reasons why the mind of a Hero begins to disconnect from civilian life after deployment or serving as First Responders.  Many who are suffering from PTSD are fearful of the repercussions and perceived social rejection.  They are strong warriors that will fight to keep it internalized and eventually become introverted and possibly suicidal. 

Where can we find them?

We find them through friends, family, neighbors, community outreach, and promoting the cause through fundraising events. 

Barriers to Veterans

  • Extended wait times at bases and VA hospitals

  • Distance from the nearest VA hospital

  • Lack of insurance coverage

  • Perceived negative impact of a mental health diagnosis appearing on their military record

  • Fear of judgment

How Can we help save them?

NEVER stop any medications or current therapy without current psychiatric care and/or doctor approval.  We, as Acts Hero Representatives, Counselors, Therapists, Mentors, Psychologists, and employees, are passionate about this vital cause.  We are all driven to save our Heroes.  We work every day to expose this crisis and raise the funding to provide a powerful method that brings great purpose and

life-changing hope to every patient/client.  

What is the Method of treatment?

We run a full clinical evaluation of the Hero to diagnose their temperamental disposition, current professional care, suicide ideation risk, and then counsel them and their families.  We take the Hero from a place of depression, anxiety, and thoughts of worthlessness, to a place of discovering a purpose for the trauma.  The PTSD Hero is trained to become a certified lay-counselor and then we appoint other comrades with PTSD for the Hero to mentor within the supervision of a pastoral counselor or senior counselor.

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