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Many of Our Heroes Give Clues to How They Are Feeling

You can be the first step to help save a hero by learning to recognize the warning signs of suicide.

Not sure how to help?

Call us at 833-287-3787

Text "Dr C" at 951-581-4200

Visit Christian's professional site on Theravive

Risk Factors

A family history of suicide

Previous suicide attempts

Deployments involving loss of comrades & other trauma 

Physical illness

Physical, sexual, domestic, or child abuse

Relational, social, work, financial loss, or dysfunctional behavior

Impulsive and/or aggressive behavior

Suffering from mental health disorders

Diagnosed or undiagnosed mental illness

People who engage in binge drinking or illegal drug use

People who have experienced violence

Warning Signs

Verbal warnings like "I am done with this life" or "I have no reason to live"

Any preoccupation with suicide and/or death

Depressed with feelings of hopelessness, often accompanied by anxiety

Declining school or work performance

Loss of pleasure/interest in social and sports activities

Sleeping too little or too much

Changes in mood

Changes in weight or appetite

Emotions a Suicidal Person May Feel


Out of control





Helpless (immediate)

Hopeless (future)

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